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Chemo update, and on to the next big adventure

Yes!  I am home from chemo.  It went fast because of only having the Taxol today.  I had a new nurse and she was awesome.  Quick, efficient, and very friendly.  I did get nauseated, but felt better after my daughter  and I ate our wich wich sandwiches.  Yummy veggie with extra  avacado.  It was so good.  Who knew that eating could make you not feel like throwing up? 

So, now I am home and feeling better.  We ran to lowes to buy caulking.  It was a very important home improvement purchase for redoing the bathroom counter.  We live Tx and have enjoyed it for the past 15 years.  But now I am heavy with metastatic bc, and my hubby's dad has bladder cancer.  He has fought a great battle, with two courses of very strong treatment.  Despite treatment his cancer has grown and spread.  So he is stopping treatment to better enjoy his life.  Family is hugely important to us, and that means we are moving back to Colorado.  We are doing it for our immediate family (us) to not have regrets and …

Deeper shade of pale

Tomorrow is chemo.  How can it be that I have a chemo routine.  That just sounds wrong. Chemo and routine are two words that should never go together.  So anyhow, tomorrow is week two of m routine.  I just get the Taxol on the second week.  The first week and third week I get Taxol and Avastin.  Who knows how long I will get he avastin since it has lost FDA approval.  My doc assures me that I will receive it for as long as I had already been pre-approved treatments. 

When you are on chemo life can be so pale.  It looses its brightness and vibrancy.  This can be depressing.  It occurred to me that these moments where life is more pale are the times that we are going through "valleys"  The valley can be more pale, but we have to focus on the fact that it is something that we go Through.  Meaning that there is a beginning middle and end.  When you reach the end, you have  made it through from one side to the other.  So, while things are pale, I will be looking for the underlyin…

Keep your snake oil to yourself!

There is nothing that makes people happier, when they hear you're sick with cancer, than to tell you about their snake oil.  By snake oil, I mean miracle cures.  They have an aunt who had what you have, or what they imagine you have because they don't really want to know what you have.  So, they begin to talk over you and tell you about the miracle doctor in Mexico, or the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide cure.  Say what!?  Or so many other crazy things that pretty much amount to the snake oil of old.  Today My amazing hubby had someone ( who it didn't come as a surprise to me) tell him about some miracle thing.  Boy did it make me mad.  Just from my end of the conversation it ticked me off.  The people who have no degree of any kind of medicine.  Or ever a degree of any kind.  They think they are so smart. GRRRRR!  I gave it some thought and decided that what I need is a statement.  Something that I can rattle off or train my beloved and my offspring to rattle off, on a m…

A Paula Young wig has arrived

Today I received a little package in the mail.  It came from  I have done a guest blog for their website and it posted today.  As a thank you for the blog that I would have done anyway, they sent me a wig. I got to choose a wig out of any on the site.  It was so great that they didn't limit my choice.  With my daughters help I chose to get a darker one that normal.  It would be my instinct to get blonde.  Instead I went a medium reddish brown.  Here is a photo of how it looks on. 

So, what do you think?  Do you like it?  I probably won't be wearing it much until it cools down.  But I look forward to wearing it. 

Picking myself up and dusting myself off

Each day after a chemo I spend my time licking my wounds.  By that I mean, slowly I am recovering from all the chemicals coursing through my body.  I have my treatments 3 our of 4 Fridays a month.  On the days that follow, I feel fatigue, aches and pains, emotional highs and lows.  The fatigue starts slow and builds to a crescendo around day 3-4.  That is when I am at the most tired and sick feeling.  Because I eat a steady diet of anti nausea meds, I never really get sick to the point of throwing up.  But because of those meds I experience the side effects which are more fatigue!  Yay!  ( she said sarcastically) Up to day 4 I also have a lot of pains in all the areas that I have lesions from cancer.  Those are my bones in my right arm, both pelvic bones, and also my lungs and chest wall.  But the pain is mostly in my hips and arm.  So for the pain I take pain medicines, and those too make me fatigued and emotional.   Then after day 4 I stop taking the drugs.  The fatigue gets better …