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How can I get chicken pox? I'm a vegetarian!

Well, people, today was my week one of three weeks of chemo. I found out what I already knew. The patch of itchy skin and sores on my lower back is the return of the shingles. Chicken pox 3 times in a 12 month period. The doctor instilled the seriousness of informing him when I have an outbreak of this. I have known for a week. I knew I was seeing him. Since I wasn't running a fever I waited until this week with my already scheduled appointment. Now I can add a new medicine to my list. I "get" to take an antibiotic daily. Indefinitely. It is a veritable pharmacy in my cabinet. Apart from that new and exciting change, chemo went well. NO barfing!!! That is a total good thing. It left me super fatigued and drained though. My Mo bear has been a great hubby to me today. Driving me there (because it is snowing here in Colorado. Once my labs were done he took me to breakfast at Che cafa'teria. We had a breakfast sandwich. And it was actually really yu…