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Breast cancer is breast cancer......right?

Hello people,

Spoiler alert, there is no makeup or fashion in this post!

I hope that this post finds all of you healthy and enjoying Summer.  I would like to take a moment to remind the women readers to do monthly breast exams.  In cast you didn't know this, Men can develop breast cancer as well.  So, men if you feel something odd, get it checked.

Now how is one type of breast cancer different from another?  Well of course there is staging, but I won't get into that. There is  breast cancer that you would typically hear about, then there is inflammatory breast cancer which is mainly the tissue of the breast and ducts, and there is METS BC. Here is some information that I borrowed from Amy Durfee West's blog.

Stage IV breast cancer is considered incurable. That makes it kind of an embarrassment in some of the “survivor” literature. Supposedly you have early detection, and you follow doctor’s orders, and you do your…