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My week in review, slide show.

Hello People! Is everyone getting excited for Christmas and New Years? I am. Moving back to Texas from the cold climate in Colorado has been really great for my health. I feel so much better and so much happier here. I do really miss Mo and Anna though. That is truly hard. Last week I had my first chemo since being back here. Apparently my oncologist in Colorado had not been giving me the same dose of chemo that I had been taking prior to moving there. So my oncologist here brought me back up to the standard of care I'd been on previously. My body is rebelling against the change. It has me feeling a lot more pain and nausea than I thought a person could stand. Sharp stabs of pain in my lungs, lower back, hips and arm. I have quite a bit of lymphadema in my right arm as well. For which they are referring me to a physical therapist to get a pressure sock for my arm. I hope that helps some. I'll keep you posted once I have set an appointment for that and have any i…