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Doggie diapers.....What?

Hello people, This is totally not chemo/cancer related. But I do want to share other areas of my life with you. This is too humorous to not share. My little Sadie girl has gone into heat, and that creates a whole lot drama. Take a look at this video to see what is happening in my home. Thanks for stopping by. Leslie

March chemo adventures

Hello People, Today was a routine chemo day for me. Week two of my three week round of treatments. I only have the Taxol on week two. It doesn't leave me feeling as beat down as the Taxol/Avastan weeks do. What kind of chemo are you taking? How does it leave you feeling? My body aches, and my fatigue is deep and I feel as though my limbs are moving through concrete. Movement takes a lot of effort. I'm trying to follow a bit of advice that was said on a video done by Bunny at Here is what she said, "I try to never be sitting down. If I keep myself constantly busy, then I don't need to worry about working out to lose weight. I take the stairs instead of the elevator, park far out in the parking lot instead of parking close. I look for opportunities to do things" So, following her advice, I am trying to just be in movement more. Of course I've begun working in retail, and I am constantly on my feet there, plus I am taking Sadie for a lot more wal…