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todays film is Sadie performing tricks for me to pjt me in a happy mood

hello people,

After coming home from a rough day of testing and big treatment for checmo Plus getting the results of my 24 hour urine collection test and also the results of my pet scan and chest xray. My 24 hour urine show 1 gram pr protein, not quit high enough to skip the avastin this month. The pet scan shows that my cancer is under control. The chest xray shows that each month for the past three months the fluid in my lungs has increased. Breathing is difficult and painful. Sooner rather than later I will need to have another thoracentesis. Yay! Not really yay, but I have to take care of myself. So, we will continie to xray monthly and see if it continues, and think of draining it in a month or so.

In the midst of all these tests and results, I did see my doc and I did have chemo. When I came home feeling all frazzled and bummed, as well as nauseated and tied, My lovely puppy Sadie put on a little show with all the tricks she knows. Our pets are so tuned in too how we…