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A love letter to my daughter.

Hello people,

You should probably settle in with a cup of tea or a snack. This post is going to be a long one. The relationship between mother and daughter is a magical and beautiful thing. There is a tie that goes directly from my heart to hers. It cannot be broken, torn or tattered. We have been through many emotional storms in her short twenty years. I will never forget the day I went to parent teacher night. All the students in her class had work they had done laid upon their tiny little desks for all of us proud parents to view. There were pictures she had drawn and assignments she had completed. But it was the short story she had written that made the tie between our two hearts vibrate. She had written a story, ( so eloquent for an elementary student ) about cancer. It explained how her dad had leukemia, and her mom had breast cancer. It explained that she had cancer too. Worry cancer that is. I wanted to sob. To wrap her in my arms and protect her from every hurt…