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Stupid internet games for breast cancer awareness.

Hello People,
I don't know if you have heard of this these game or not, but these games are out there. So,please, do me a favor. Do not participate in the underware or fruit game in order to bring awareness to breast cancer.

A. I believe everyone is pretty aware of breast cancer
B. I live with the knowledge that this horrible disease is going to be my end and it is not a game for me, it's real life
And finally
C. Lets give to responsible researchers to find a cure for all cancers.

If you can not give to research, consider donating blood, or bone marrow for stem cell treatments or to help other illnesses. Or you could volunteer to help people to ill to help themselves.

I should have added a D. These two stupid games are directed only towards women and men get breast cancer too. Where is the awareness about THAT?

I just found our about these dumb games. It really ticked me off. It makes me feel as though the world really isn't aware at all. Instead it is only pretending. …