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Lymphedema, and how they plan to treat it.

Hello People!

I'm so glad you're here my friends! Yesterday I had my appointment with the physical therapist who will treat me for the swelling in my arm and hand. It is a truly long process. Apparently, first we need to wrap it in an ace type bandage to reduce the swelling. This will be done until the swelling reduces and the bandage loosens. Then it will be wrapped again tighter. Repeating this process over days until my right arm measures the same as my left. At that point I will be measured for a compression sleeve. I will wear the sleeve an time I am doing any work that uses my arm. I'm sure it's a real fashion statement. Haha! In the course of three visits a week to shrink my arm, I will also learn how to massage the lymph to drain, learn some exercises to strengthen my arm and hand. Sounds fun. It has been an ongoing problem over the past three years with the swelling in my right arm and hand. Only recently has it been uber swollen. It is going to…