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Lymphatic massage, and weird latex allergy on my arm.

Hello my friends,

Boy has this been a crazy, and busy week. First off, I spent a lot of time running to and from appointments for the physical therapist. Then I had this freaky rash on my arm from the bandage. So, for now, I am just dealing with the swelling in my arm by doing massage and arm exercises. I think it is starting to drain. But my hand is still super numb and very swollen. We also spent a bit of time exploring our turf here in Tennessee this past weekend. We drove through the hills looking for the exit for a state park called frozen head. We took a wrong turn and got sort of trapped on a road that I strongly suspect was filled with backwood stills for hillbilly moonshiners. No, really, it wasn't quite like that. But it was extremely out of the way, and I will always remember the adventure of it. Also, we took a very long hike in the ijams nature center. It was a beautiful and awesome day. I can't even believe I walked as long and as far as I did. A ye…