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3rd year cancerversary!

Oh my gosh friends,

I can't even believe that 3 whole years have passed. I have moved from Tx to Colorado, back to Texas, and from Texas to Tennessee, 3 huge moves in 3 yrs, We are about to move a 4th time within Knoxville. This is really that final move for me. Too dang tiring. I have a fantastic oncologist here. My family is thriving. I look back in time 3 years to how poorly I was doing back then, and how great I am doing now. I've walked my share of valleys these past three years. But I can definitely see the trail that has been blazed looking backwards. Hopefully I have left a wide enough path for those who are going through what I have been through to walk their valley with a smoother journey. Does that even make sense? I hope so. You may be blazing your own trails, but if you choose to follow any of the advice I have left along my journey, I hope that it makes your trip smoother.

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