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Xeloda cycle 12, cancer perks, say what?

Hello Friends,

Oh my gosh, the weather here in Tn is just beautiful. Sunny but not too hot, with afternoon showers that cool things down. Long days with daylight till around 9 pm. Just around that time the fireflies come out and light the forest surrounding us with twinkle lights. It is simply magical. I have to say I'm adjusting to life here in Tennessee quite nicely. I just didn't believe I could love a place as much as I loved Flower Mound Texas, but here I am. I'm smitten! How is it where you are? Are you enjoying your Summer as well?

Earlier this week, my daughter and I discovered a new hiking trail nearby. It was so nice to go hiking with her and the dogs. The dogs just go crazy for being in nature, and want to drag us along on the adventure. They start out by being in the lead, and by the end of our hike you can see a nap is in their near future! Sweet pups. There have been lots of yard projects happening around our house. Mainly a lot of lower limbs …

Cancer, why me? Why not you?....part two.

Hello friends,

Here is part two of the ezine series I wrote about the cancer journey I have taken. This will bring you to the beginning of my metastatic cancer diagnosis. To find out what happens beyond these two articles you can read the archived posts on my blog here, by starting with the oldest post and working your way forward. My hope is that sharing these deeply personal parts of my story with you, you will be helped or blessed, or educated, or reassured, encouraged. or all of the above.

Here is the 2nd half of the middle of my story:

I have shared in the past that I am a breast cancer survivor. Now I will share that I do not survive breast cancer, I live with metastatic breast cancer. You see, my cancer has gone beyond the breast and now exists in many parts of my body. Having spread to a major organ makes a cancer a metastasis. My breast cancer has spread to my lungs, chest wall lymph nodes, bones in my pelvis and right arm bones. For the past two years I've been trea…

A Humorous video that completely expresses my thoughts about cable companies.

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Hello Friends,

A three post blog week? Unheard of right? Well I have been trolling my name on google and couldn't believe all the old articles, posts and blogs I had floating out there in the web quagmire. This one was pretty detailed with my "story" Of course. there have been a lot of things that have happened since the original posting of the on . If you have been following in recent history, you've shared those new events with me. If you are just finding me for the first time, then this story will show you the beginning. Reading through my recent (three years now) blog posts here will catch you up on the middle. You'll just have to keep following to find out how it all ends. LOL!

soooo, here is the posted article I wrote on ezine:

Cancer! You hear that word and it sends terror rippling down your spine. Cancer has stalked me since I was 8 yrs old. I am now 45. Let me share a short story of the cancer in my life.

At 8, shortly after the death of my fath…