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Shake, Rattle and roll.

This week is a good week for me.  It is the week I have off in my three week on one week off cycle of Taxol/Avastan.  I always look forward to the week off.  I regain a bit of energy and some strength.  Learning to get around in the new house in Colorado is a bit challenging because there are stairs.  It is three levels so there are two level that use stairs.  The basement and the upstairs.  I lived in one level ranch style home in Texas.  Having the lung mets makes going up and down the stairs a breathless adventure.  But by the end of the third week of chemo my lungs are less fluid filled and it is easier to go up and down all those steps!

I noticed last night that the left lung, (the one they haven't done thorasentisis on) is filling up.  I could feel it shaking trying to fill with air, and hear the rattle of the fluid as I lay on my side in bed last night.  It shouldn't bother me, because they fill up a bit every month between treatments on my week off.  What bothers me is…