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Life is so unexpected, expecially when it is extended.

Hello people,
I am a girly girl. My interest in surface level stuff is deep. All that stuff washes away and what you really are remains. I am a woman with metastatic breast cancer. Diagnosed 10 mere months ago, after 2 yrs of being sick and misdiagnosed. Today I want to go deeper than make up. The past 10 months have been extreme. I have 3 weeks of chemo a month with a pretty intoxicating witches brew of science to try and shrink the tumors. Those tumors are in my right arm bone, both lungs, both hips and in right chest wall. I've lost my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and all traces of femininity. It is much harder to put on my face or do my hair. In the midst of all of the treatment, being sick, and physical pain, I have made myself get dressed up and do my makeup and hair almost every day. Trying to feel noral is my new normal.

I make myself stick to the routine of being normal, I have managed to move from Texas to Colorado. I have gone to England for the week of the…