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A strange and foriegn land

There is no more of a lonely place on earth than this island called cancer. I wish I could simply describe to you the ways it changes your life,changes the way people perceive you and the way you perceive yourself. Let's start with how life changes. First you loose everything that makes you feel remotely female. Your hair, lashes, and brows, and in some cases your breasts. Then you lose your energy during chemo. Which causes people to feel you are being "short with them" It takes a lot more energy to deal with routine situations. Since each situation begins with an energy deficit, you are already tired and this makes your personality sparkling and very social! This is particularly wonderful in chaotic social functions. People expect you to think, act and behave as you used to. You feel sick to your stomach. Sometimes your constipated and other times you can't keep anything inside. I call this the feast or famine syndrome. Then there is the constant c…