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Pain, cold, pinktoberfest, and other awesome bloggers who write with passion

Hello people, I know that I haven't video blogged in a while. Today I never made it into real clothes. I am in a lot of pain. The temperature has dropped significantly here in Parker Colorado. It has been snowing for the past two days. It is below 30 right now. Weirdly, cold makes my pain worse. Just like an old timer who says they can tell weather is on the way cause they have pain in their knees or in their elbow, I can tell it is getting cold because my pain stops being just a throb. It becomes an intense ripping, stabbing constant companion. A little over a year ago I wrote about pain, and what it is like. After reading it my son told me that he could picture the pain I wrote about as a demonic entity that I was battling. You read it for yourself and leave me a comment below. I am interested in knowing what you think. Also, If you have an opportunity to read a really great blog by Donna Peach, head over to this link: The blog post you…