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Colorado at Christmas

Hello People, I made it to Colorado for the holidays. Sadie did so great flying. I'm a proud puppy momma. We arrived in Colorado on Wednesday. I had chemo on Tuesday. Probably not the smartest thing to fly the day after chemo. When I arrived I noticed that I had run out of medicine for my shingles. One day off of it and I have a massive shingles outbreak at the base of my spine. Fun times. I have been able to refill it from here though. It has been so nice to see Mo, and Anna and I even took a trip up to visit my mom. That was nice! Yesterday we just sort of hung out all day, then did a bit of shopping in the evening. We had some hostess gifts to pick up for a party tonight. Unfortunately the combo of having chemo, travel, and shingles has left me sick. I have been ill for the past 24 hours. There is nothing on earth I hate more than throwing up. Mo decided I should stay home and rest. This was a party I really wanted to go to. I wanted to see my sister in law …