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Confession about super long chemo days.

Hello People,

Are you enjoying you long summer days? I just love the day light lasting well into the evening. It just makes me feel so happy. I have been working on crocheting a stripped blanket. You can see that here:

it is much farther along that the photo. I'll post how it looks when done. I know it must seem a bit crazy crocheting a warm blanket in the triple digits of summer. You can always use a warm blanket though right? I've also been spending some time with my daughter geocaching. You should look it up on google. It is a really fun adventure!

My son and I have been hanging out watching things off of his netflicks, and I have been watching him build computers. My kids are so much more talented at techology than I am. But I love to watch them and learn from them.

So I had my big chemo treatment with the Doctor visit and chest xray bundled in yesterday. I filmed a bit for you to see how that goes.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the video and feel free to…