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XKCD a webcomic about romance, sarcasm, math and language.

Hello people,
I am so sorry for being absent from the blogging world last Tuesday. I will explain all about it in a special video message I will be posting this week on Tuesday. In the meanwhile, I wanted to share the comics of a very talented, witty, artistic, funny and ironic web comic. My daughter shared with me some of the very funny charts this man draws on his webcomic. In a few of his comics he has shared a very personal and private part of his life and battle with cancer that he and his love have gone through. I hope I am not infringing in any way by sharing it. I am sharing the comic as well as the link to the page where you can find his series. Feel free to visit and laugh at his very original humor. Follow the link below. Feel free to leave a comment here or there.

Thank you for stopping by,