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T.E.E Test.

Okay People,

This is not my normal Tuesday or Wednesday post. But so much is going on in life right now with moving and upacking and establishing myself with the new oncologist. It is all a bit crazy. I wanted to update you before life swept me away with distractions. Here is a quick little video to update you on how things are going. It isn't a whole lot of new info, but it has me a bit stressed out.

I will talk to you again on Wednesday of this week.


Testing, testing, 1,2,3!

Hello People!

Oh my gosh!!!! This has been a crazy busy week for me. What with moving, unpacking, and doctor visits. How has your week been? I'm hoping you are all doing well and are happy. I'm surrounded by boxes. There are only a few things I am allowed to do with all this moving and unpacking. I am not allowed to carry over 10 lbs. So, I only get to carry small, light boxes. I can unpack like a fool! Our current town house has a lot less cabinet and storage space than our previous home. So there is a lot of things that had to go back into their boxes and get put in storage. Right now we are in the process of unboxing some of the larger boxes and deciding what to keep and what to store. My mom drove back from the Colorado portion of this move with Mo. So she has been here for the past 4 days helping move, unbox and arrange! Wow, she is a hard worker. So is Mo. He drove me from my apartment in Texas and unpacked my stuff. Then turned around and went to our h…