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My crazy heart and other test results

Hello people,

Are you enjoying the beautiful Fall weather where you are? It is just amazingly beautiful here in Knoxville today. I feel pretty good. I've got information to share with you all about my recent test results. Also what the action plan my oncology team has put together for me to follow. After being on Taxol/Avastin for 2 1/2 years, I have some changes in my treatment happening. I am glad to say goodbye to the side effects that this treatment has been causing me in recent months. I am very hopeful that I won't experience the side effects of the new drug plan or at least not the worst of them. I will start taking this treatment as soon as the mail order pharmacy delivers it to me. I will keep you posted on how I feel as I go through this new treatment. I'm pretty excited to not have to go to the chemo lab to receive treatment. That gives me back a bit of time lost in my life. As you can imagine time is something I highly prize. So, you will find my vi…