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Ready, set, start. For round two of Xeloda

Hello People,

Can you believe how fast this Fall season is going? Man, it is just whipping by. The past week has been low key for me. I was feeling run down and just as I am feeling better, I start cycle two of Xeloda tomorrow. 14 Day on and 7 days off. I'd like to update you on my Dr. appointment that I had today. All of my labs are within a good range. My tumor markers were a little on the high side a month ago, and they drew labs for that again today. But, it will be a week before I have those results. The doctor feels as though I am tolerating this drug well. I haven't got any of the worst of the side effects. The side effects that I have experienced ( tummy troubles, and vomiting ) are controllable with Imodium, and nausea meds. While there I had my port flushed. I was so happy that they were able to draw my blood work through my port instead of poking me in the arm. Yay! I also had my first xgeva shot that I've had in 10 weeks. It has left me feeling …