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Snowy weather in Knoxville, prepping for Thanksgiving and round 3 of xelod

Hello my friends!

It is lighly snowing here in Knoxville. The snow is tiny, fluffy flakes slowly drifting down from the sky. Truly beautiful. But not bitter cold, and physically uncomfortable. In fact, I'm not experiencing any arm, hip, or lung pain! Yay!!!The family and I are cooking a bit of food in prep for tomorrow. Earlier, I made the cranberries, and my very first home made-ish apple pie. Pre-made pie crust are the key to my secret recipe. Haha. Anna has had the turkey set in a brine for the past four days. Tonight Anna and Mo (with a little help from Sadie) are making yeast dinner rolls. Yum!! I won't be eating Turkey, because I am a vegetarian, but I am totally looking forward to the smell of it cooking. It isn't a huge family holiday with all the extended family. Yet I am really looking forward to a peaceful, intimate, small family gathering. We will totally miss our son who is living in Oklahoma. (Miss you son)

here are a few photos of the food we …