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Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Hello People! How are you my friends? I hope and pray that this day finds you well, safe and happy. Today is Christmas! I am having a blissfully relaxed day with my Mo and our daughter. It is just wonderful. I got everything I wanted and more. The most important thing though is that we are together and doing fun seasonal things together as a family. I do miss my son, and hope he is having a wonderful celebration of our Lord as well. For me, this Christmas has been magical for me. We've made ginger bread cookies, and sugar cookies, gone yard decoration spotting, Christmas shopping and holiday movie watching. My favorites are Polar express and a Christmas story. It has been such an amazing season of Love. Please take a moment to share the beauty of your season with me. I would love to know what has been going on in YOUR world.

It is cycle 4 for me. It would probly not surprise you to know that the mail order pharmacy didn't get out my chemo to me in time for this …