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2014, new beginnings and lots of plans, and Xeloda cycle 4.

Happy 2014 people! How are you my friends?

I sure hope you enjoyed new years eve as much as I did. We stayed quite busy on the eve of the new year. My mom is here in Tennessee visiting from Colorado. It was a festive evening of nibbly type food, board games, and revelry. I actually managed to stay awake until the new year range in. I now have new year lag....LOL! It may take a few days to recover. The weather here is becoming pretty cold and bitter. There is freezing rain and cold icy wind. So for the next few days we will be keeping ourselves busy indoors.

I am doing pretty dang well after this fourth cycle of xeloda. My skin on my hands and feet is very red and itchy. The feet are blistering and the blisters dry out and then peel leave sore painful patches of red raw foot behind. I saw my oncologist today, and we will be keeping me on the current dose of two xeloda twice a day for fourteen days and then one week off. My counts are all within range. I will have to have…