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Xeloda, hand and foot syndrome over the counter treatments

Hello people,

How nice it is to be past the winter freeze. It is starting to be a bit warmer. There is still warnings of snow in the Knoxville area. How is the weather where you are? I am still counting down to Spring forward. 53 days until we change the clocks. But who is counting???? I am!

The update on the 5th cycle of xeloda is that overall I am doing pretty well. My hands and feet are still bright red and extremely itchy. About an hour after I take the treatment my hands and feet start going crazy with the itchiness. I have started using aquafor and it is really helping. I just put some on my hands and feet two or three times a day. I had been cracking, peeling and bleeding, and now it is only red and itchy. I use the giant tub that is from Amazon. Here is what it looks like if you're interested in trying it out.

Sometimes when the itching is really bad I use aloe with lidociane. It really calms the itching. You can also order this from amazon, but I got mi…