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Check up before cycle 7 of xeloda, crazy shrek hand, and utlra sound to find blood clot.

Hello Friends,

I apologize for this going up on a Saturday instead of on Wednesday or Thursday. I started it uploading on Thursday night, and it got stuck! Then Friday I went for an ultra sound in the early morning. I began getting sick just before the test. I knew I wasn't feeling well, but wasn't expecting to vomit! Grrrr, I even had to have Mo pull over on the way home so I could avoid being sick in the car. Not fun! I spent all day Friday in bed. I am better this morning. It seems like it is a virus. I totally missed day one of cycle 7 of my xeloda. So, maybe today will get me back on track.

Here is the video.

The update is that there were no blood clots found. So, the next step will be going to a specialist to get the swelling in my arm uncontrol. I'll keep you posted.

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