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Leslie's amazing technicolor cancer journey.

Hello friends,

This is a short blog and a loooooong video. This one has an update on both my journey and the shared journey my husband takes with me. He has CLL, or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Today we shared a trip to the oncologist. Below is a video update on both of us.
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Sharing, breast cancer? But Doctor I hate pink!

Hello friends,

a fellow metastatic cancer blogger has written a most eloquent explanation of how ignorant the medical profession is about metastasis in breast cancer. I guess breast cancer "awareness" hasn't reached medicine yet. Or at least not the 40,000 women and men who die from it each year. I love the sarcasm and honesty of this shared story. I've been in similar circumstances where I had to educate the well educated.

here is what the amazing blogger from

Me and my family - mini version
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Breast Cancer? But Doctor...I hate pink!

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