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Body confidence as your body is changed by cancer

Hello my friends!

How are you doing today? I am doing pretty well. I feel like I am on a roll! I had a lengthy to do list this morning when I woke up and I have accomplished every item and thrown in a few extras. What a busy woman I am. I do have a wounded finger from slamming it in the truck tailgate while camping this weekend. It huuuuuurts. My finger is cut in two places, the cuticle is ripped up, and my nail has a blood blister under it. Ewwwww, right? Otherwise, I am doing well.

As I just mentioned, we went camping this past weekend. The plan was to go for two days, but due to rain, bears, and not wanting to listen to noisy campground neighbors a second night, we came back a day early. But I had a great time. We had a great camp fire (thanks to Anna) that Mo kept going all night. We told ghost stories and weird stories we had heard on youtube. It rained in the middle of the night and we had to put the cover over the top of the tent. When we woke our coffee post d…