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How would you answer this question

Hello my friends,

How are these last lazy days of Summer treating you? I have found myself filled with energy. I've been getting a lot of extra little projects done. Some paper work, some organizing. But right now I am sitting on the sun porch with the pups listing to a late afternoon thunder storm. The rain is coming down hard, and the birds are flying out of the woods in a panic. I'm seeing the lovely flashes of red from the cardinals, and blue streaks zipping by the windows from the blue jays, and blue birds. We have a couple of snow white doves living in our pear tree, and they are just hanging out till the storm is over. I just love it here! It is so so so pretty. How is the weather where You are?

Life has been busy around here. Last Saturday we took a train ride to see where the Manhattan project was dreamed up, where the atomic bomb was created and a section of the rail line that the movie October sky was filmed. That was in Oak Ridge TN. ( hidden city) H…