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13 Facts you should know about breast cancer


Pinktober Rant-stavezganza

My friends,
orgive me a little bit of a rant about October being so pink.  I realize that this "holiday" was started as a way to increase awareness of a horrible disease.  One that I suffer from the little mentioned form of (metastasis). I really think that the objective has been achieved.  Everyone, all over the world, knows about breast cancer, self exam and mammography.  Since there is little to do in the way of actually preventing yourself from getting it, (short of a vaccine or cure) Now I think the time has come to shift our focus to treating/curing people who have it.  That is pretty much all I have to say about Pinktober.  I'll do my best to not rant any more during this month.  However, I do reserve the right to make commentary on anything that is news worthy about pinkober as it is happening.  Lol.  Thanks for stopping by,