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The awareness machine-By Ann Silberman

Hello friends,

I hope you all are enjoying Autumn, with its pumpkin lattes and cool crisp weather!  I have been a bit lower key this week.  My very heartfelt intention to film and update didn't work as expected.  I filmed three different videos and deleted them all as unacceptable to share with you.  So, Here I will just give you a blog post update.  As well as share an incredibly well written and intellegent article by fellow cancer blogger Ann Silberman.  This article says IT ALL!  My mind has been seriously blown by the detailed information and knowledge that she has shared in the writing of this article.  I am linking it in the below post. 

How am I?  Well it has been an emo week for me.  Lots of highs and low low lows.  The important parts are that I had my 3 week check up, and all seems pretty routine, except for an increase in the amount of fluid in my lungs.  Still not enough to warrant a thoracentisis though.  I'll have a chest xray before my next appointment to compa…