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Thoracentisis, cycle 16 Xeloda, and pneumothorax. All in a days work.

Good evening Friends,
We are official into the weekend.  It is late afternoon Friday.  Soon Mo will be done with work for the day, Anna will be done with her classes for the week and we can just enjoy being together as a family!  What have you got planned for the weekend ahead?  Let me know in the on the guest book in the comments!  I really enjoy hearing what is up in your world. 
This afternoon, I went to Turkey creek hospital to have my thoracentisis done.  They managed to pull about 400 ml out of the right lung.  That isn't as much they removed three years ago.  This is an image of the giant bottle they used three years ago when I was diagnosed with the mets.
That was one honkin big bottle of yuck.  It looked a whole lot less today. 

A few updates on my health, and new woodpecker named Needlenose

How are you all doing today?  It is semi cod here in TN.  I have been awake for about two hours.  I got to see the sun come up and listen to a very early rising woodpecker out in our woods.  He had great determination to get inside the tree he was working on.  I've decided to name the woodpecker "needle nose" because "Woody" is too common for this woodpecker.  I have seen this little guy before.  He is much prettier than I had pictured a woodpecker to be.  He is red and has a white stomach with black spots on it.  And he is smaller than I pictured as well.  Maybe I can catch a photo of him sometime.  If I mention Needle nose again, I hope you know who I am talking about.

I had promised you and update on all the tests I have been having to determine why I am not breathing well and have pain in my lungs and chest.  I have had a chest xray, LOTS of blood work, pet scan and a second ct scan.  I went to the cardiologist for an ekg, and was told that he suspec…