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Deep vein thrombosis

Oh my friends,
So much has happened in the past week.  I went for a regular oncology visit, and mentioned that I sound wheezy when I breath and that my port is causing me discomfort.  Next thing that I knew I was in the hospital side of the oncology dept, getting vein mapping done to determine if I had an infection or clot causing my port to be uncomfortable and Low and behold I have a blood clot in my left arm axillary area.  I also had a chest xray to check for clots in my lungs that may be causing my wheezing.  My lung still has fluid bilaterally, and also has a node. Nothing has increased in size since my ct scan.  So, our immediate concern is that I have a blood clot.  I am now taking xeralto to combate the clot, and I will be taking this long term over the next three months.  At that time they will do more tests to determine if the xeralto has done its job.
I will keep you posted, Leslie