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Living with Mets Bc part 3- End of Life Planning


End of life planning

Planning for end of Life.
Hello friends,
Life is rough.  And  it can often be hard to talk about the rough things with the people you are closest to in life.  If you have mets or love someone who does, this is the one of the most important conversations you will have Here's the thing, everyone is going to die.  All of us!  The thing is, we know that we  are going to die, and we also know what will most likely be the cause.  Talking about your exit from this world is something you should discuss with your partner at the moment you have determined you are committed to each other.  This conversation should happen between the topics of how many kids you want to have and whether or not you are a dog of a cat person.  You should know how you both feel about death.  
The first step should be to meet with an estate planner.  If you have already done this, you are waaaaay ahead of the plan.  If not, stick around, there is a lot more to cover.  So, as I was saying, schedule an appointment with…