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This week with Gracie

Hello friends,
Gosh I hope you all are well.  I hear there is a nasty virus sweeping the nation the Noro virus I believe it is called.  At any rate, douse yourselves in antibac and stay healthy.  Now that we are through to 2017, I truly hope it is a much better year.  With all the politics aside, I thought I would share something we can easily all agree on.  Puppies are cute!  This past month, we have added a family member.  Official name is Lady Grace Bowlus, but she is simply Gracie to us.  Sometimes I call her slinky dog, cause, well that is pretty self explainatory.  She is a slinky, wiggly doxi pup.  Her personality is quite different from Oscar and Sadie.  The are all pretty independent, but Gracie is seriously independent.  She is pretty quiet, and doesn't go crazy barking at the mail carrier when the other dogs do, she is pretty playful, and will pop the tags off of any toy, pillow, or tagged item.  She just LOVES to chew tags.  We are training her differently than we did…

Welcome Gracie!