Chemo, the day after hangover.

You may be wondering as you start your journey down any road of chemo.  Well, If you have ever been a naughty youngster who imbibed in a night of overzealous drinking, then you will know what a horrible hangover feels like.  If you have  never had the horror of this experience, then think of what it feels like when you have the onset of the flu. 

Here is how it goes down:
You are achy, tired, nauseous.  There is not a position to be found that you are comfortable in.  Your internal temperature may be off.  At one moment you feel hot and the next you're cold.  Okay, it sounds bad.  It really isn't awful.  Since you are tired and have no energy your family and friends will be really helpful to you at this time.  My wonderful hubby, son and daughter take great care of me. For this I am expressly grateful. 

Day three tends to be my worst day, and then after that I start feel a bit more zippy.  Despite my tiredness I try to make myself do my normal chores so that I continue to feel productive.  Today I have folded clothes, emptied trash cans, and emptied the dishwasher with a lot of help from my peeps.

Let me leave you with this word of hope.  There are brighter days ahead.  When you look back on the days you thought were dark, time will show you that there were rays of light there all along

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