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Good news makes me happy

Well people,
It is so great to go get your boring ol blood work and doctor visit and get good news.  My lung ex ray shows that the chemo is making the fluid go away.  A month ago it was about half as much as it was 3 months ago without having to have it drained.  This week it was about half of that.  I fluid in the right side (that was always the side that would have more than a liter) is only in the bottom lobe.  The left side only has a tiny amount.  Considering that about 4 months ago I was drowning in my own juice, this is great news on its own.  Then there is the news that my tumor markers have gone down.  The said it was an insignificant amount.  It is at 54 and >38 is what they want.  Of course I say a big fat 0 sounds good.

Three months ago, My right arm was swollen to twice its size.  My hand had such horrible numbness.  It's still numb, but it is a side effect of the chemo and not a big deal compared to what it was.   So, I can deal with this.  I can breath, my hand h…

Oh the way you make me feel.

Chemo, Oh the way you make me feel.
The days of anxiety that lead up to our meeting. 
How right after I am with you my appetite is fleeting.
I feel your chemicals as they flow through my body.
You make me weak, and I don't enjoy eating.

Gradually my energy begins to build and to flow.
 I have my strength once more.
Then before you know it, it is time to go.
Back to you again dear chemo.