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I feel so pretty, oh so pretty.

I say I feel pretty, but it is all very tongue in cheek. It is difficult to feel pretty when you have lost your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Plus being a one boobed bandit makes you feel oh sooooo attractive. Right now my hair is about 3 inches long. You can view a video of what I look like here at
This is a link to my other site. One I started long before I had been diagnosed. You can follow some of the older videos to see my progress from being misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia through my actual diagnosis and some of my treatment. I took about 5 months off while being sick and moving across country and dealing with family issues.
Despite the fact that often cancer can leave you feeling unpretty. I have to say I am pretty happy to be alive. There is a song that I have beeh LOVING right now. It is sort of a theme song for my life. It's called afterlife by the band Switchfoot. There is a line in the lyric that says:

I've tasted fire,…