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Some days are rougher than others.

Hello People, Are you all doing well? I sure hope so. Chances are if you have found your way to this page, you are researching metastatic breast cancer. Either you have gotten the unsettling news about yourself or about a loved one. I am sorry for what you must be going through right now. Some days are rougher than others. You will find beautiful moments. I promise. This week has been a rough one for me. I have this wonderful husband who sometimes has to travel. I can fend for myself quite well while he is away. But this week has been rough. Well this year has been rough. It has only been a bit over a year since I found out my diagnosis. Then we found out my father in law had cancer. We made a long and stressful move from Texas to Colorado. We lost Kamel to the evil that cancer is. Truth be told I really don't like living here in Colorado. I grew up here so I knew about the cold weather that lasts from October till May. It is a whole lot worse dealing with it…