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Follea wig contest

Hello people, It is unusual for me to post more than once a week. I had to share this information that was shared on . Right now there is a contest going on to win a wig from the Follea wig website. I have absolutely zero knowledge of these wigs. But I can tell you that the buzz (hair - wig - buzz, get it? ) around them is that they are pretty terrific If I had gotten a wig that was as comfortable as these are supposed to be, I may have actually worn mine more often. As it goes, I have hair for the time being But as a condition of having breast cancer mets, I will probably lose it several times of the course of treatments I have to have to keep me going. I would totally consider these wigs, despite the cost. Because to me comfort and durability are very important. So check out the contest rules below. Prize Details The grand prize winner will receive her choice of either Follea’s Gripper®-2 Sport or the Gripper®-2 Cool, from Follea’s innovative and luxurious 2012 Gri…

Warning!! Read food label ingredients. Vegetarian accidentally eats beef broth! Yuck!

Hello People, I did something so unbelievably silly today. I made myself sick. Yes, that can be done. No, I didn't stick my finger down my throat or anything like that. I ate something that didn't agree with me. But I should have known better. Word of advice, if you are eating vegetarian or vegan read food labels. Most importantly when trying new brands read the labels to make sure that the food doesn't contain meat broth. It can jack up your system. I am sure this will be a learning experience I won't soon forget. I'll look back and laugh once the huge wave of nausea passes. LOL! Thanks for stopping by. Leslie

Keeping myself busy, preparing for Tx and maybe over doing it a bit

Hello people, Yesterday was chemo and today I tried to keep myself busy. It was the usual running laundry, doing dishes (which I am washing by hand in a bathroom sink because of our kitchen being remodeled) I also ran some errands in town with my daughter and had a wonderful salmon with black beans and rice at Chili's with her. I picked up some space backs for hanging clothes. I intend to smoosh my hanging clothes to make them more manageable for packing in the van. I am heading back to Texas from Colorado. I've been doing a lot of research on how to make a cross state move by car easier to pack. Space bags keep coming up. I'll try them and let you know how that works. Now I am feeling very tired. It could be because I have two dachsunds sleeping on me. Their sleepiness could be rubbing off on me. Or perhaps I have overdone it for a post chemo day. The thing have to live. You just can't stop. I won't regret keeping myself busy, doing thing…