Keeping myself busy, preparing for Tx and maybe over doing it a bit

Hello people, Yesterday was chemo and today I tried to keep myself busy. It was the usual running laundry, doing dishes (which I am washing by hand in a bathroom sink because of our kitchen being remodeled) I also ran some errands in town with my daughter and had a wonderful salmon with black beans and rice at Chili's with her. I picked up some space backs for hanging clothes. I intend to smoosh my hanging clothes to make them more manageable for packing in the van. I am heading back to Texas from Colorado. I've been doing a lot of research on how to make a cross state move by car easier to pack. Space bags keep coming up. I'll try them and let you know how that works. Now I am feeling very tired. It could be because I have two dachsunds sleeping on me. Their sleepiness could be rubbing off on me. Or perhaps I have overdone it for a post chemo day. The thing have to live. You just can't stop. I won't regret keeping myself busy, doing things, taking risks. I'm actually really excited by life right now. How are YOU doing? Leslie

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