Changes are coming, and the will really affect everyone involved

The change ahead had been discussed quite a lot over many months as a family specifically Mo and I talking about this change and how it will work for us as a connected married couple. What the change is, is the cold in Colorado increases my pain significantly. We live so far out of town on a long and winding bumpy dirt road. This is phase one of gaining more pain. Stage two is being on the road having it vibrate all my aching sore bones and lungs, during cold weather. It compounds how bad I feel physically. We worked through it last winter. I think we were hoping some miracle solution would appear. It hasn't. So after many months of praying, taking and figuring things out I am heading back to Flower Mound Tx on the 14 of November. It will be better physically for me to be in a climate that is warmer. I will still have pain there, but considerably less bitter cold and wind that leaves me feeling battered. My plan is to leave on nov 14, and drive half way, then drive the rest if the trip and stay in one of Lewisvilles rent by the week microtells. I'll also be looking for work to fund my return to Flo Mo.ill be seeing my favorite hematologist/oncologist on the 27. B
So,that's the news. I'm headed back to Texas. I'm not 100 percent calm about deciding to do this. It means we will be in a long distance would be better if Mo wanted to be with me and be supportive of my health being a damned good reason to be in tx together. During this process we will still be a very married couple. We are completely commuted to each other as well as getting through all the obstacles this cancer throws our way

I shall keep you posted about the travel, the town home hunt as well as the return to my favorite Dr. Dr. Costa!! Plus which church will I Return to.ill keep you updated as things happen. I gotta make plans to see a few people before I head out of town. It will be bust twe weds with chemo, visits. And packing

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