Husbands take heed.

If you should happen to have a wife with cancer you should take heed.  When their hair falls out, and the lashes too, they have a tiny tummy but a bloated mid section above their waist band, and they are tired all the time for no reason but chemo, they need you to tell them this. 

You are beautiful and I love you.  My husband and best friend told me these words last night and they made me cry.  I guess I didn't realize how important it is to me that he loves me and still thinks I am pretty.  It isn't just that he said the words.  It is the way he looked deep into my eyes and put mush into his voice when he said them.   I could feel the emotion.  Heck, don't go waiting around for your wife to get sick with something.  Just grab her right now and tell her she is beautiful and that you love her.  It will mean so much.  I know it means the world to me.

That man o' mine still makes me goofy when he says those things. 

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