Bad news keeps multiplying

Hello People,

This week has held much bad news. On a first person front. I had to have a second thyroid test. I have gained so much weight so rapidly. I will find out the news on Tuesday when I see Dr C. I will also find out the results of my 24 hour urine test to see if I still have protein in my urine. This will let us know if my kidneys are having problems. Which would explain why I have so many urinary tract infections. If this is the case. I will no longer have to take Avastan. But that also means that I will have to take a different cancer treatment drug. But having been on avastan for two whole years, has been a terrificly long run for being on any one treatment.

Thursday I found out that my mom won't be going in on April 15th for her angiogram as planned. Instead she was rushed to the hospital for a triple by pass surgery. So a quickly planned trip from Texas to Colorado and two hours later I was on a plan with my son to see mom. She was so still and so pale when I saw her in recovery at midnight. It was frightening to thing of her being ill. She had taken care of me all my life and even as an adult through so many times of being ill. I just couldn't imagine her sitting still for even a moment. Let alone being stopped by an illness. The past few days watching her being breathed for by a machine, and laying so still. Being so pale, and feeling so cold while trying to tell us she feels hot by kicking off her blankets. Today the nurse told me she probably won't remember this time in her life. Which I must say I am thankful for. I don't want her to remember the pain or the fear. I wish she would remember that I have come to see her. But I can tell her about that later. I get one more full day with her before heading back to Dallas for chemo. I will feel very sad that I have to leave her just as things get to be the roughest for her recovery.

It has been really nice to see my family. I couldn't have made this journey with Mo making the arrangements or Eric traveling with me. Or Anna taking care of me and the rest of us while I have been here. Monday will be an early flight for Eric and I. Then Tuesday is a day of seeing the doctor for test results and having what ever chemo treatment I end of having as well as my xgeva. As I have treatment I will be thinking of my mom and wishing I were with her. I hope by then she has had the tube taken out and that she is able to talk to me by phone. Please be praying for my mom Rose. As many prayers as possible. To me this is so important. Thank you!!!

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