March chemo adventures

Hello People, Today was a routine chemo day for me. Week two of my three week round of treatments. I only have the Taxol on week two. It doesn't leave me feeling as beat down as the Taxol/Avastan weeks do. What kind of chemo are you taking? How does it leave you feeling? My body aches, and my fatigue is deep and I feel as though my limbs are moving through concrete. Movement takes a lot of effort. I'm trying to follow a bit of advice that was said on a video done by Bunny at Here is what she said, "I try to never be sitting down. If I keep myself constantly busy, then I don't need to worry about working out to lose weight. I take the stairs instead of the elevator, park far out in the parking lot instead of parking close. I look for opportunities to do things" So, following her advice, I am trying to just be in movement more. Of course I've begun working in retail, and I am constantly on my feet there, plus I am taking Sadie for a lot more walks and to the dog park to run more often. That is how I am working on moving more in an effort to jump start the endorphines and feel less like I am moving through concrete. I'll let you know how it works for me. Thank you for stopping by, Hit like if you like this video and hit subscribe or follow if you would like to follow this blog! Leslie

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