Avastin overload.

Hello people,

Gosh I hope you all are enjoying summer! I am managing to keep busy. The other half of our family of four has arrived in Texas! Yay!!! Having my family all together, and being in my favorite state, makes me so happy. Not to mention having my oxygen levels do well in this lower altitude makes me happy. So, not that we have established that I am happy, let me tell you that I am not healthy. Of course not! I have terminal cancer. But to add to that there are all these wonderful side effects, and symptoms that are just being the crud of me. I'll share more about that in my video. This one is short and sweet. It won't eat up too much of your time or bore you. Please take a moment to hit subscribe, like, or thumbs up. Or let me know in the comments what you think of this video or what you would like me to talk about or share with you.

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Bye people,


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