Normal life with cancer

Hello people,

Can you believe we are full on into Summer? I am so happy that the weather is warm. I just love the warmth. Humidity....bring it on. Heat....bring it on. I just love the southern cl9imate. How about you? How is the weather were you are?

So, this little blog/vlog is all about how to live as normal a life as possible with a cancer diagnosis. Pretty much a live my life normally and fit cancer into it. It sounds simplistic. I do everything I used to do and add treatment and accommodate my side affects. There are things I used to do that are out of the question now. Like tolerate cold or breath without an oxygen machine at high altitudes. So, you make adjustments while still doing what you always used to do. You add things, and you take things away. It's called LIFE. I have a great one. Right now we are going through some adjustments that aren't cancer related. When that all gets settled, it will be back to regularly scheduled programming. HAHA! Below you will find this weeks vlog about life with cancer. And how I make it normal.

Thanks for stopping by. Tell me how you make life normal in the comments below.


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