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I Hope you are enjoying the long lazy, warm days of summer. Are you spending time with family? Going to festivals, enjoying museums, parks and national parks? These are all wonderful ways to fill your Summer with great memories and great fun. Recently I have been spending time geo-caching with my daughter. It is like a giant treasure hunt. Out of the 4 times we have been we have only found the treasure at one cache. But the places we have discovered are treasures all of their own. We found a trail we never knew existed after 16 years of living in this area. It was by lake Lewisville and the view was so beautiful. It was very peaceful there. It was a moment in time I am glad I was able to share with Anna. It has been quite warm here the past few days. Our activities have left us doing more things indoors. I've finished all but one row of the blanket I'm crocheting. Due to a non restock of the color of yarn I need to complete the blanket, it will be a few days till it is done. I've been watching the BBC series Sherlock with Anna. It is sooo soooo SOOOO good. You should give it a try.

Things are happening in my life. Things that I have to wait a few more weeks to share with you. I'm bursting to share my news. But you know what they say about counting chickens...... they have to hatch and all that. So soon, I will share news of a more personal nature with you. The question of the week I have for you is this:

Do you wear a pain or nausea patch? How does it work for you? Have you discovered any tips or tricks you'd like to share? Post your answers in the comments below. Thanks

I find that having the nausea patch makes my weekends so much better. Not becoming ill on a regular schedule is so nice. I can actually make plans and keep them. Well, I guess that is all I have for today. Please thumbs up, like, subscribe or follow.

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