Lymphedema wrap.

Hello my friends!

This weeks video blog is different for me. The voice you will hear will mainly be that of my new physical therapist as she demonstrates how to wrap the many layers of bandage that are used to compress the lymphedema in my arm. I have her permission to use this video as well as the permission of the facility I use for physical therapy. She in fact, had her assistant film the footage from my iphone. I hope the video is clear and not shaky. It is a bit on the lengthy side. If you have an interest in knowing what treating this lymph edema is about then please view the video all way through. Especially if you are going through something similar.I truly hope that this video is helpful and informative. There is more to come showing how to do lymphatic massage on the arm, to encourage drainage. As well as some photos. Please take a moment to let me know if you like this difference in format. Like, subscribe or follow! Please and thank you.

Also since Sadie normally appears in my videos, I have added a photo of her below to keep with tradition.

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